Cappellificio Biellese Hats

In our love of clothing, we discovered a hat brand that had been lost ... it deeply connected to us and we thought others might feel the same.

The Cappellificio Biellese brand was founded by a group of friends in 1935 in the town of Andorno Micca, in a valley, and in a period when the "Hat Art" was very important.

Through a long archival work, they found documents, vintage advertisements, and material that could inspire.

CB1935  isn't about profit but the love for creating classic hats which make you rediscover the old ways. The love and passion "Biella" is the aim and was key to reviving the brand.

We like tweed, the Flannel, the rough cloth of ordinary wool. In a world of never-ending fashion cycles, These pieces make sense ... forever classics!

Hats played an important role throughout history. Quality and craftsmanship were also a big part. These hats are beautifully made in Italy by artisan's using the old-world methods.

The hats are made in Tweed, Wool, Jacketing, Waxed Cotton and Linens with all styles!