Last Sole - Made in Portugal Shoes

Last Sole is a Global Partnership.

Last Sole are a collective of shoemakers, artisans, creatives, filmmakers, artists, musicians, influencers and shifters. A group of creative activists from around the world that harness the energy of the masses by creating footwear that acknowledges them and empowers their freedom to express their individuality and discover their full potential.


I first came across Last Sole when a friend of mine showed me a few different styles. They had a range of shoes, sneakers, and boots; all made in traditional methods but with a stylistic twist.

Made in Portugal, there is a good level of quality and the last sizes are true. Meaning if you are a size 9US or 8UK, you will be a 42 Euro in Last Sole.

I decided to try out a pair of leather derbies (Toro) and some of the sneakers (Star Trooper). As most know I am all about leather shoes and classic styles, so having some more high-street style sneakers is something quite different for me.

The "Rotton Meat" TORO is a Goodyear Welt Derby, with a distressed leather upper. They have used a scrapping method to produce the finishing, this, in turn, gives it texture and life.

The welted sole is a natural leather expanded EVA midsole, making it sturdy and hard wearing. These, in my opinion, are great for a workwear look or colder day off.

You can feel the weight of the sole whilst walking and usually, I would coincide this with slight discomfort whilst wearing in but the neoprene heel makes them comfortable from the first wear.

The sneaker, STAR TROOPER in "Evil White", has a Sci-fi/High Tech look, think Star Wars. The strong matte and glossy contrast combined with a high quality vulcanized rubber sole which gives this sneaker comfort and grip. 

For me, the Star Troopers are had to wear within my style, but I can definitely see a high-street appeal. The elasticated fastening at first is quite tight across the bridge of my foot but softens quite quickly whilst wearing.

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