Craftsman Clothing Leather Jackets

Craftsman Clothing has a different curation philosophy, we believe in quality, long lasting yet affordable classic pieces.

Craftsman Clothing started in early 2015 by three ambitious gentlemen from Hong Kong.

The three men, whom all are menswear fanatics met on a local online forum (Style Forum).

Needless to say 10 years later their passion in menswear grew into a new enterprise together, Craftsman Clothing.

The debut collection offers classic flight leather jackets that are put together with top notch raw materials such as exotic leathers from either Spain or Italy, smooth Italian RiRi zippers, authentic horn buttons and comfortable Bemberg linings by their experienced artisans.


The process of designing, choosing the material, cutting, sewing, patternmaking, producing, doing quality checks to packaging are all done in Hong Kong. 

How could I not be interested in this brand, with a motto of affordable luxury and classic leather jacket designs which can be personalized to the customers liking?

For me personally, it has been a struggle when it comes to leather jackets and finding the right fit.

I know the style that suits me best but now finding one that looked the best on was a major struggle.

Being able to not only choose the style of jacket but the leather, lining, and finishings too, perfect!

After the design work has been done there are a few different ways to be fitted.

The first option is regular sizing blocks (38,40,42 etc), then there is a more made to order style using skin or finished measurements and finally touching onto a more bespoke option, using a basted muslin jacket and having it altered to create the pattern.

I chose the Hemingway safari jacket in navy suede with an orange Bemberg lining.

I love how formal the navy can look at night time with the juxtaposition pop from the orange lining.

Working within the menswear industry and tailoring, I was able to modify my own measurements to suit.

For others who haven't the experience, I would suggest sending skin measurements as outlined by Craftsman or for those who are little fussy, the basted jacket.

The fit is spot on to my measurements and exceeded my expectations, it can be a little worrying when ordering online.

The suede is butter soft, with more wear it will only get better. The details are beautiful from the hand sewn buttons to the actual stitch detail, it is really hard to fault this jacket.

I actually feel like I need to say something negative just to balance my words out and have people think I am not just getting paid to review this (which no payment was received).

So here it is, the "Apmmillions" monogramming would have been better done by hand in a navy thread, sorry that's all I have, other than wanting another Craftsman Jacket?!

For all orders and information go to  Craftsman Clothing or email;