Bespoke Menswear and Style

Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. - Oscar de la Renta

Bespoke menswear and style nowadays don't always come hand in hand. To many, style is looking cool and being accepted,  with many believing that having bespoke garments make you stylish.

*Disclaimer: I am not trying to shame anyone by writing this post. It is meant to educate people on their own personal style in an affordable way.*

When asked about wearing suits, guys will be split down the middle, some will love to wear them "It makes me feel like Super-Man" but others will think they are stiff and uptight.

Back 50 years or so almost every man had a bespoke suit or garment, mainly because fashion wasn't around. Made to measure was hovering amongst the tailors for a more affordable option for those not able to purchase bespoke.

The style changed among the years and many liked and disliked certain aspects, but the main point of difference was that the people selling suits were educated in proportions and the visual purpose of tailored garments. Therefore, one's personal style was more of an everyday adventure for everyone.

Nowadays, style has been thrown out the window along with many bespoke tailors. Made to measure has given back the sense of proper fitting (when done properly) has brought back style and confidence.

Unfortunately, for the bespoke tailors or the lack of, have had to rise prices, making it less accessible to many. For those who can afford it or the many "influencers" helping boost bespoke, it doesn't mean they have style.

Style needs to be a natural part of your life before you can go out spending on a new wardrobe. Yes, the garment fits well and for most that is all they need. Personally, I see many "bespoke" wearers wasting money and not thinking of "does this work for me?", "do I really need this check suit?", "Can I even wear Casentino where I live?" or accessorising them into visual nightmares.

So go slow, buy RTW then build to M2M, when you know about your fit and what colours work for you, then you can move on to Bespoke menswear and have style to go with it!

Also remember not to copy others but take inspiration and little tips that can help you find your style...

Here is a photo of bespoke styled and worn well (below)