Watch of the Month: Boca Riviera Automatic

We created this line to keep up with the new rhythm of life, merging clean Italian design with the intricate Mexican craft. - Boca MMXII


I was first introduced to Boca watches whilst at the recent Pitti Uomo 91 expo by Roberto Mararo. Roberto had just started a very special collaboration with Boca and whilst showing me his new shoe collection, he showed me the Boca watches too.

Apart from being very affordable and having quality Japanese movements, there was something different and unique about the watches. This is exactly why I go to Pitti Uomo. Boca watches all come with a special strap.

Each strap is uniquely hand-braided, hand cut and hand assembled leather strap. Our woven wristbands are made of 16 strands of sheepskin and calfskin by professional Mexican artisans.

They come in many colours and most are interchangeable bar the straps for the automatic watches as they are made to show off the glass back on the watch.

All the leather products are produced in low impact workshops and the leather is a by-product of the meat industry and they only use skins dyed with chromium-free pigments.

Each individual piece is unique, with the option of a white or black face.

Here are the specifications of the Boca Riviera Automatic watch;

There are many things I love about the Boca Riviera watch; the comfortable and unique strap, the classic dial, price and size.

My only negative comment would be the "glass" it is plastic and I wish it were glass.