Pitti Uomo 91 Day 1

At Pitti Uomo 91 there were shades of brown everywhere, I guess people are taking the rules and breaking them in a good way!

Day 1 started off warm in the morning and slowly turned down the heat. It was cold, colder than back home in Australia, bar the freezing temperature and winds in Rome a few days before.

I decided to wear my rustic brown 3 piece corduroy suit, it is something I have wanted to design for awhile but in Australia, it has to be tweaked so it can be wearable, not unbearable.

Was it a good choice? Well as soon as we hit the Fortezza Da Basso, brown was everywhere and in many shades and forms. So much so my friends also wore the country shade.

Most would cringe at something like this but it shows that people are not forgetting about the rules but bending them in a good way. I mean why should brown only be worn in the countryside?

Take a look below at some great shots of people wearing shades of brown (other than me, of course!)