Men's Holiday Style

Going on a holiday for me is about relaxing, then it is time to explore.

Men's style when it comes to vacations and holidays always has a step back, it really shows one's real style.

Photos by Jacob Medina

Many men stay clear of sartorial wear and suiting for a more less is best attitude, shorts and a t-shirt, maybe some flip-flops or espadrilles.

Back in the old days, men still wore suits or tailored garments to the beach, unless in the water. Not to confuse anyone, this isn't about swimwear but more resort wear.

Resort wear is still tailored but the lines are more relaxed, the fabrics chosen are light and airy, giving the wearer an elegant style without the discomfort.

There are many more premium brands offering this type of holiday menswear, one of which has come to the forefront of this particular style, Orlebar Brown.

Others who have also been in this particular style are Tommy Bahama and Paul & Shark, all at the more higher end of the price range.

When I think about holiday style for men, India comes to mind the most.

The style from India is the perfect take on comfort in the heat and when you strip back the Bollywood patterns and colour, there is a great style base.

Eidos Napoli recently took this into their latest Spring/Summer collection.

Here I am wearing a slubby cotton resort styled shirt from Denham the jean-maker, unlined tailored linen trousers from Lane Forty-Five and linen espadrilles by Eidos Napoli/ Christian Kimber.

Clean, flowing garments to relax in a resort, by the pool or on the beach.

So next time to travel to an Island country or take a summer holiday, think about resort-style for you holiday menswear.