Local Makers and Owners: Sartoria Ripense

Every time I come to Rome, apart from my culinary must-haves like caico e pepe and pizza bufala; I make sure to see my good friend Andrea Luparelli of Sartoria Ripense.

It isn't to be "cool" or say I know him but more that he is genuine and inspiring. For me personally, I think his sartoria is the best in Rome, the passion and attention to details; especially in the finishing is above and beyond many others.

The small but growing team of tailors under the Roman store are just as passionate and take immense pride in every stitch they do. Everything is handmade, they don't like to use machines.

Hand stitches can help naturally mould the garment to the wearer, while machine stitching will only mould a small amount due to it being rigid (not a bad thing
at all, though).

Ripense's style is classic, soft natural shoulders, clean lines, structured where needed and nothing too fashion or "on trend" so to speak. Andrea doesn't want to make something for now but something that you could have 30 of and still be able to wear them all 10 plus years down the line without thinking "is this in style, right now?".

As I was speaking to Andrea he pointed out the wide pinstripe flannel suit he was wearing was 6 years old. I think it is a very smart choice to stay classic and too "left field" unless of course, a client is after some one of a kind; then like most Italians would say "maybe we are not right for you, with this suit?!".

For Australian's thinking of getting a bespoke suit whilst abroad in Rome (make sure you are around for at least 4 weeks) the silhouette of a Ripense garment is very aesthetically please and so is the price. Take a look below and enjoy Sartoria Ripense!