How to wear white pants


I use to steer clear of wearing white pants, they get dirty easily, can be see-through and really stand out when they are pure white. This brought me back to when I use to not like other colours like pink, red and purple even. Shades, it is all about the shades. They will be your best friend when it comes to style and buying your wardrobe.


So where did I start and what did I choose?

Even though white is a neutral colour doesn't mean it is a solid colour like black. When you lighten black it becomes charcoal grey, but when you darken white it becomes bone white or cream white.


These are the shades I go for when wearing white, as I like to wear more earthy tones, they fit within my palette.

So my best advice for how to wear white would be, to find the right shade that works with your style and wardrobe and buy small until you have it locked down!