Office Wear, How to buy right for you.

Do not inquire too deeply into the truth of other peoples' appearences. Life is more sociable if one takes people as they are and not as they really are. - Lord Chesterfield.





Most judge a book by its cover, we are so time poor nowadays it is the quickest reaction. When it comes to business wear or office wear there are "standards"; Suit, crisp shirt, clean tie and black leather shoes. When did this become uniform? and when did we all lose our individuality?

What we wear can open doors, especially at the office. Our appearance is a language but unlike others, it is not spoken but seen. We can gain attention, hold an audience and send a message all with the way we dress.

Brue Boyer once said "Your clothes should not be more memorable than you are, they should complement, not compete with you".




The best advice anyone can have is to not follow trends of others and buy the best you can afford. You want longevity out of your business wear, this includes suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, ties, pocket squares and your shoes.

You want to be comfortable whilst doing your job, so insist on comfort. Fashion can always take second best when it comes to what you wear to work, so dress appropriately for the occasion. If something fits you correctly then it will always look good on you, period.




When it comes to wearing patterns, if you are an outgoing person wearing more prominent patterns are ok. Your clothes won't outshine you and in saying that if you are on the opposite side of this, you may gain unwanted attention. So if you go a little bold then be prepared to back it up.

Wearing business wear doesn't have to be bland or boring but it also should be an overload outrageousness either. Start slow and get your core outfits, this means what you need not what others have in the office (work uniforms, unfortunately, are unavoidable) .

Learn what colors work with your natural tones, never just buy from one label or year and remember to enjoy your clothes even when at the office; the more happy you are with what you are wearing the more confident you will be.



Unfortunately being successful and rich won't bring you style.