Good Spender, Christmas Shopping with an extra gift

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“Make a difference with your gift shopping this Christmas”


Christmas is a time for giving; we buy gifts for family, friends and other loved ones. I always find this hard because I am not good at a) choosing gifts and b) finding the time to get said gifts.

Another thing that some find hard is giving to charities, not because they don’t want to give up their money, but more of who and how much do I give? I know personally I find myself thinking about this.

Social Traders and Australia Post have come together to create “Good Spender”, an online marketplace connecting shoppers to local Australian social enterprises, businesses that exist to support a social cause.


Founded in 2008, Social Traders is Australia’s leading social enterprise development organisation. They are a not-for-profit working to break the cycle of disadvantage and build resilience in Australian communities through social enterprise.

All goods and services sold through Good Spender create a positive social and/or environmental impact, supporting communities in need. From food, wine and coffee to clothing, stationery and homewares, Good Spender provides an easy alternative combining your Christmas shopping with making a difference.

By purchasing through Good Spender you are supporting businesses that help tackle social problems. The site itself has over 90 sellers, supporting multiple causes and charities listed below:


  • Disability

  • Disadvantage

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Fair trade

  • Food Security

  • Homelessness

  • Indigenous

  • Local Communities

  • Refugees

  • Women

  • Youth


Here are some of the great products available online;


Olieve and Olie skincare pack from Ethical Living

Through sustainable and ethical business practices, Ethical Living offers goods with a difference, so that you can happily browse while shopping, guilt free! One of my favourite products from Ethical Living is the Olieve and Olie skincare pack for men.

Established in 2000, Olieve and Olie was established as an olive grove on the Gunbower Creek near Echuca. Shortly after their first harvest, they began making natural handmade soap and skin care products. In 2010 they moved to the Mornington Peninsula where they are currently located.

The core ingredient to all of their products is extra virgin olive oil sourced from regional Victoria. Every step of the process is completed by hand down to the measuring, mixing, pouring, and packaging. Olieve and Olie products are pure and natural and completely free from chemicals, including preservatives.

Sales support:
- Familia Moja Children’s Home in Kenya
- Think Humanity who distribute clothing to refugees in Uganda
- A little girl named Peace in Uganda; her education, clothing, household items and also her medication for TB and AIDS.



 Goodwill Mix - 6 bottles

3 Red x 3 White 

Goodwill Wine is a social enterprise dedicated to finding excellent boutique wine from Australia's independent wineries.

After losing their home and jobs due to the Black Saturday fires, David and Ali used the funds they received from the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal to create a social enterprise, Goodwill Wine as a way of paying forward the support and generosity shown to them by charitable organisations and the public.

Their idea was simple... they go directly to the vineyards and find some of the best value, boutique wines Australia has to offer.  As wine lovers themselves, they select stand out wines that Australians are sure to love. They have built a reputation based on a steadfast commitment to quality, and pass on a minimum of 50% of its profit to a charity or non-profit organisation.

Sales support:

Goodwill Wine passes on 50% of its profit margin back to charitable causes across Australia.




Illumination Solar Ultimate Power Pack

The BP10 (10,000 mAh) battery pack and the SP10 (10 Watt), foldable solar panel are made for each other. They are perfect for anyone who wants to charge any and all of their devices anywhere, anytime at lightning speed. They know some people want the very best performance available so have over-spec'd both of these products - in fact they both deliver power faster than your devices can take it, so they had to moderate their output. 

Sales support:

Illumination Solar use profits to provide solar powered energy to those who live in energy poverty through a ‘Buy One Give One’ program. To date they have provided over 500,000 solar products to over 40 countries in aid and disaster relief.




Seasons by Karingal, BBQ Bucket

Complete with a pair of quality tongs and a bucket, this BBQ gift pack is the perfect present for the outdoor chef at heart. 

The hamper contains champagne vinaigrette, tomato sauce, mint sauce, porcini mushroom spice rub, and a Szechuan pepper flour.

Sales support:

Every dollar spent with Seasons supports the work of Karingal and provides career opportunities for people living with a disability.