Quality Leather Shoes By Herring

Our aim is to help everyone to understand how important good shoes are in life.

I remember the first day I bought a pair of quality leather shoes; I had lost my voice, it was raining and I wasn't 100% sure if I should pay the $395 price tag at the time. Why? Becuase I didn't know what a quality leather shoe was.

Luckily, I had a friend who worked in high-end fashion. They explained to me the basics to look for and roughly what a good price was, talking to the gentlemen who worked in the store at the time; this matched what I was told and off I went with my first pair of quality shoes.

Fast forward to today and my knowledge has grown, so much so that I became a "shoe specialist" in a gentlemen's store that has been around since 1890. I have learnt that just because it is leather and Goodyear welted, doesn't necessarily mean it is a quality shoe, anymore.

The three things to look out for are; the quality of leather ( in both the upper and sole), construction (how it is made) and the finishing (attention to detail). In my own personal opinion, I think I have a pretty good idea of what a quality shoe is.

So when a good friend of mine Gui Bo told me about Herring, I already had heard of them but never felt or seen them in person. He showed me the pairs he had and I was pleasantly surprised that the cost was so affordable.

They ticked all the boxes and I was excited to get my hands on a pair to take them through their paces.


My first pair was from their Premier range called the "Attlee", a classic double monk which I choose to get in black. The shoe itself was made in the Cheaney workshop, a definite thumbs up.

The leather is high grade, finishing spot on and the construction classicly English handmade. But my favorite was the last, the shape is the closest I have come to saying "perfect" for my foot. The only negative thing I could say would be a personal one, the length. Not a bad thing but more something I'm not so much use to, it was similar to Crockett & Jones (max. half an inch longer, though I do own a pair of their loafers).


The Second pair were a beautiful half brogue oxford in mahogany made through the Alfred Sargent workshop, the "Edward II". Again beautifully finished shoe and great detail. Construction very high, especially through the soles. Great length and width, very comfortable.

One thing I will mention is the last, the last is a great shape but it has a high instep, so when you are more medium like I am the leather creases/folds on the instep, due to your foot pressing down. Some may get picky but we aren't talking "bespoke" here.


The final pair, for now, is a pair of boots from their Classic range "the Burgh". This boot is classic English country style to a tee, strong but supple leather, brogue detailing and "Danite" soles. Perfect for wet and wintery weather.

Made through the Loake workshop, the boots have that typical "Captial" last that has made Loake quite famous. The fit of boots are usually a step bigger, so unless you wear thick wool socks dropping down a half size is best.

Herring Shoes ships worldwide and stock is very rarely out to get a pair. Check them out for yourself, HERE and try not to buy too many pairs, Goodluck!



Started in 1966 by Richard Herring. Their purpose is to supply top quality shoes from English manufacturers such as Barker, Church's, Cheaney & Loake with service to match through our website and retail shops.

‘Herring’ brand of footwear which is tailored to today’s needs with fantastic styles and top quality, was created from years of inside knowledge of English handcrafted shoe trade.

By working with these Northampton factories we can use the best manufacturer for each style of shoe we create and pass the benefit of our knowledge and experience on to the customer.

The Herring range is made to the exact needs of our customers and by working direct with the factories we achieve unique styles. Sometimes we use existing stock models and improve on the specification by adding additional features, changing sole units or sourcing higher quality leathers for the uppers.

On other occasions, we have the opportunity to create our own individual designs and styles which set us and our customer apart from the crowd.

Whilst all this is interesting our main drive is to offer customers outstanding quality and service by using our direct connections with the factories.

Shoe Collections

Herring 1966


Herring 1966 is the ultimate range of hand grade shoe manufacturing. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the channel stitched oak bark soles to the narrow waist and finest leathers.

Herring Premier


The Premier Collection is the pinnacle of English handmade footwear. These shoes are designed by Adrian Herring to the highest specification and made in the best English factories.

Herring Classic


The Classic Collection consists of stylish Goodyear welted shoes, offering exceptional quality with great style, thanks to our long family history of dealing with the finest shoe makers.

Herring Continental


Herring Continental represents the very best footwear available from outside the UK. Alongside classic styles from around the world, you will find loafers, chukka boots and driving moccasins with a modern twist.

Herring Casuals


Our Casual collection has been designed for weekend wear and includes deck shoes, trainers, and loafers that will help you relax after a hard week at work. The casual feel of the collection comes from the use of exciting new sole patterns and leathers including oiled suedes.

Herring Slippers


The Herring Monarch and Balmoral attract a lot of attention. These slippers or house shoes are benchmade in England, with a hand-embroidered crest, in a variety of rich velvets and our Herring tweed.