Local Makers and Owners: Lane Forty Five



It is easy to find brands that do sartorial art only, or solely work-wear, or mainly specialise in denim craft. I wanted a consistency of ideas to combine these three or even more cohorts. The basic theme running in the background is the same. But I wanted to bring different fabrics to the same cutting table.


Unisex, hand-made clothing label based in London, Lane Forty Five had been an interest of mine ever since I came across them on Instagram (2015). Some might ask, why have you taken so long to write about them? This is an answer that involves more than because I wanted to see more. When someone uses themselves as the face behind their own brand it becomes real,what better person to portray and tell the story of Lane Forty Five.


My first contact with owner Tan was one of a custom order, something on brand with his but a little twist. Tan was more than accommodating and together we created a light linen denim shirt jacket (Above). This started a new friendship with ideas for the future.


Owner of Lane Forty Five - Tan.

Tan's designs draw influence from a mix of traditions, timelines, geographies, people - both real and fictitious, human behaviors, habits, and stories. He brings back the old traditions between the garment and the wearer in an age of mass production and fickle nature of fashion and trends. The importance of this relationship is something he considers one of the reasons why he started L45.


...doing almost everything with our hands...

 The construction of the garments is based on the very tenet of doing almost everything with your hands and simple machines/tools. Hand-wheeled / foot-paddled sewing machines are only used for light to medium weight garments. Everything is made in the UK or India. Buttons are sewn and snapped solely with their hands using only a thread and the needle, or a manual lever snap button machine. Garments are pre-shrunk, but not treated with any chemicals, glue, or stiffeners. This gives all the garments life before it even hits the wearer.


...meticulously hand-picked

Fabrics, threads, buttons, rivets, buckles, loops, and all other fixtures are meticulously hand-picked, employing fine attention to detail, quality, and sustenance. Fabrics are sourced responsibly from no particular geography, which means there are no this is better because it is from here mentality. One of the fabrics, the black and gray striped denim is a true vintage fabric Tan came across in a flea market in France. Considering how difficult it is to find usable true vintage fabric with much life still remaining in it, Tan decided to mainly source fresh fabrics like Cotton, Linen, Wool, Tweed, Denim, Canvas, Twill, Corduroy, and Vegetable tanned leather (UK sourced only).


...made to order in your choice of fabric

One of the best parts about Lane Forty Five is that all of the garments are made to order in your choice of fabric. Tan is also very switched on and a quick email away if more help is required or if there is a query that needs attention.

Delivery times range within 3-4 weeks after an order is placed.

If you don't quite fit into the standard sizing the team are more than happily take your measurements.