Classic Workwear Style



I've always dressed the same. I've never made a fashion mistake. I've always worn utilitarian. I started my collection because I wanted certain specific things, but before that, it was vintage and classic Brooks Brothers. - Thom Browne



Classics out live fashion, period. Otherwise, they wouldn't be called classics.

The oldest style which had practical purpose is workwear, people lived, worked, and relaxed in it. Many people only had the one outfit and wore it until it fell off them. Due to this, workwear was made tough and durable, so much so that even today you can see people wearing vintage pieces three times their own age.




Many "blue collar" workers donned denim, corduroy, tweed, and drill cotton. These were classified as the most durable fabrics to wear throughout the seasons. Typical outfits would consist of leather boots, a pair of jeans/chinos, henley top or shirt, a vest (for more protection), a blazer/chore jacket or beach coat, a neckerchief to soak up the sweat or keep you cool and a flat cap or fedora.

The typical "workwear" style had similarities all over the world and four main countries (America, Japan, England and France) took to the forefront of the industry, which in turn lead from the working world to the fashion industry as we know it today.

Nowadays, there is a point of difference between the four workwear countries which sets them all aprt from one another. Unlike many other fashion styles, this particular style is still able to "work" together regardless of where it has been made and the different views of style!

Here I am wearing Herring boots, Denham jeans, Lardini vest, Radiall henley, Oscar Hunt blazer and an Akubra hat. All current brands showcasing old workwear style.