Two Colour Style - Part 1 Spring/Summer


I define nothing. Not beauty, not patriotism. I take each thing as it is, without prior rules about what it should be. - Bob Dylan

Two colour style can sometimes be put into a certain category, in particular, a season. Why should white only be worn as any outer item of clothing in summer or warmer months? and why can we not wear layers in warmer months? and how can we wear them all year round?

I personally love certain colour combinations and I don't like to just wear them because it is summer or winter. I like to wear brown, green, navy, grey, white and even khaki all year round. These are my got to colours that I know work within my wardrobe.




Here in a two-part blog post, I will use Navy and White only for a Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter look. I will follow the exact setup in both looks, the only thing I will change is the weight of the fabrics I wear. For Spring/Summer, I will choose lighter fabrics and Autumn/Winter, heavier fabrics. The style will be a more relaxed weekender style, mixing tailored, traditional and workwear garments.

The outfit I chose for my Spring/Summer style consists of Denim Kimono, Pique Cotton long sleeve Polo shirt and Linen trousers with an unlined suede loafer.




Photography by Jacob Medina