Local Makers and Owners: Christian Kimber


Good friend Christian Kimber is about to open his first store here in Melbourne, Australia. The new store is located at 264 Johnston St, Fitzroy. It will hold his new shoe collection and collaboration with Eidos Napoli, not to mention all the Kimber accessories.

Being a friend with Christian and a few other Melbourne based store owners, they all have very similar intentions. They want their stores to feel homely and inviting when entering. No more shadowing sales assistants or remorseful purchases. A more relaxed, speak-easy style store where you can sit down and feel the products and listen to the stories behind them.



They feel more like a friend's home and you are relaxing on the couch catching up on banter. Christian has worked extremely hard on his first store, getting hands-on with every aspect of work that needed to be done to create his vision.

The store itself is very open and inviting, with a gallery style effect mixed in with a very personal tour inside the man himself's creative mind. Pocket Squares as paintings, sculptures, quirky lighting and modern clean Danish furniture.



The official launch of the new store will be on Thursday 25th August at 6pm. So be sure to pop down and check out the amazing space and product from Christian Kimber. I definitely look forward to seeing all the new things to come in the future.