Ford Mustang, a Childhood Dream.



Childhood dreams are the real dreams which we want to make a reality when we are older. Mustangs have popped up throughout my life with friend's dad's owning them and of course us getting a ride in them.

My first ride was in 1973 Sportsroof, my longtime friend's dad had it since he was young and even bought it with a packet of "Mustang" cigarettes which back then came with every one sold. It was stock standard and nothing but a new paint job had been done over the years, I thought it was the coolest car going around.

A few years later my sister's boyfriends dad (an avid car collector) bought an immaculate 1969 Fastback, this on the other hand was not standard bar the interior and outer body. Underneath the hood however, was a whole new story and a bit of a rev-heads dream.

For those who don't know I am a qualified mechanic so this may get a bit technical for some; the engine was a 351 stroked (I can't remember what to), fuel injected and supercharged. For those not familiar with any of these terms, it had "balls" (power).




So before I went to Italy (June 2016), I started talks with Ford Australia and it just so happened they had some of the new Mustangs for testing. One in which I was very lucky to test drive (Pictured), now I posted a photo of this on my Instagram (APMMILLIONS).




I wrote "luxury meets muscle" to which it was said the Ford nor Mustang represents luxury. But what is classified as a luxury car? a crazy price tag?

I drove the 2017 Mustang GT Convertible in triple yellow, on the road for just under $75K. The exterior was standard to the GT model bar the black upgraded 19 inch rims and the engine was the 5.0 V8 (thank GOD). The interior was where all the what i call "luxury" is, this included;

  • Full leather seats, dashboard, steering wheel and trims.

  • Auto wipers and lights.

  • Full climate control, heated/cooling seats.

  • Steering option (normal,sport and comfort), line-lock and traction control.

  • Hands-free phone sync (calls and txt), GPS, music, climate and emergency calls.

  • Reversing Camera and electric mirrors.

  • Sports Tranmission Mode.

  • Fuel economy computer.

  • Trip computer.

  • Electric seats, with full lumber support for the driver.

  • Electric roof for convertible model.

  • Keyless entry and Push-button start.

If that isn't luxury then I must be Fred Flinstone! It was amazing and easy to drive and park for what seems to be a "big" car and the V8 was very economical, I averaged 11litres/100 km's.






But in the end it had to go back and  I was quite unhappy when that day came. Overall I was very happy with the car and would happily drive it as a daily driver, a big thank you to Ford Australia.