Top Ten Menswear "Rules" To Help You Buy Better

I don't like menswear rules or any rules but here is more of a guide to help other achieve what I have in looking the Millions with the bank. Remember it's not bout money it's about knowledge.



10. “Never try to be anyone, but yourself — this is the only person you can be. Think this way when you dress.”

9. “Focus on ‘your’ fit. Once you know how something should fit you, shopping will become a lot easier.”

8. “Find a good barber and tailor, they will be your best friends for life!”


7. “You can buy quality at an affordable price. The affordable price is what you pay for something that you will get the most use out of over a number of years, not the actual price tag.”

6. “Proportions are key to an outfit looking its best on you. If a jacket is too short is will visually make you look like you have a small torso and vice-versa with pants.”

5. “There’s truth in the saying that less is more. If you wear too many accessories it will take the focus off them and things start to look cluttered and not visually pleasing.”

4. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple styles — why just wear suits or streetwear? Why not wear everything you like?”


3. “Having style icons isn’t meant for you to just copy them, they are meant to inspire you and help you learn pattern and colour combinations.”

2. “Buy a few good pairs of shoes and rotate them. You will thank me later and so will your bank account while you’re on holiday.”

1. “Spend big on your basics and sparingly on your seasonal. Your basics will be with you for life, while the seasons will always change.”


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