Style Inspiration: M65 Jacket

Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others. Orson Welles



Among the few styles under the title timeless, sartorial inspiration runs very deep in military wear; more specifically, the M-65 Jacket. Short for “M-1965,” the year of its debut and first use, it served as a replacement for U.S. troops worldwide of the M-1951 field jacket, which in turn was the second iteration of the M-1943 field jacket from World War II. When garments and styles fall under the title "timeless" they have good reason; mainly due to aesthetics, construction quality or versatility throughout the seasons. So what does the M-65 jacket have that makes it so special? Well, in short, it pretty much has all of the above with key elements unique to the M-65, such as the snap-flat cargo pockets, concealed hood, and adjustable drawstring waist and bottom. There may be some variation within today’s modern models, I have one from Herringbone which in more a sports jacket cut and one from Denham (pictured) which doesn't have a concealed hood or adjustable drawstring waist, but the result of the combination of these features are unique to the M-65. In fact, you might even notice that many of these aspects incorporated into numerous other jackets today.

The M-65‘s biggest strength is the balance it has between function and form. It certainly has all of the construction qualities to protect one from the elements, but it also clean, timeless. Some of the newer versions have removable quilted linings making it perfect for layering with any other type of garments; from a simple t-shirt, polo, shirt, sweater or rollneck (as pictured). The combination of all these qualities is what helps the jacket soar past the test of time and age beautifully -with years of wear, but it will do so through rain, shine, or snow.

Below I have taken a mix of military styles from the army to navy forces. Wearing M-65 from Denham the jeanmaker, Rollneck from Uniqlo, Fatigue pants from Upthere's Premier range and a pair of the new Christian Kimber x Eidos Napoli Aperture sneaker. Accessories from Bailey Nelson Sunglasses and Tote bag by Tailfeather.



Photos by Jonathan Dimaggio