Local Makers and Owners: Pickings and Parry

Classic and quality workwear in Melbourne is on its way up with Pickings and Parry firmly cemented in the resurrection. I have always admired workwear for its durability and classic style, what really makes me appreciate it is the level quality and construction. Its base is tailoring just like suiting but without the finer inner working like canvassing, but you still get the purposeful attention to detail. Traditions are still quite strong in America, France, and Japan with this particular garment culture and I am happy to see it come alive here in Melbourne, Australia.


Former industrial engineer Chris Pickings had the idea for Pickings and Parry for a while but it only really took hold when he quit his job, moved to Melbourne and kept having trouble finding the quality vintage gear he really wanted. “It really surprised me that I still had to order most of this stuff online,” he said. Chris’s Gertrude Street store pays homage to the old world garments, displayed in an early 20th-century style shop fitted with brass piping and light switches that have been agonised over. In the back, there is a barbershop and the chairs aren't just for show (Like the vintage Triumph in the front of the shop), Chris has a resident barber to get all your clean side-parts or pompadours, moustache and beard trimming or straight razor shaves.

You’ll find hard-wearing workwear pieces from legends like Nigel Cabourn, Stevenson Overalls, Private White V.C., Buzz Rickson and Knickerbocker with new-comers BlueBlue Japan and NorthSea Clothing. German brand Pikes Bros and authentic army t-shirts and undergarments from Merz Schwanen. Merz Schwanen who have one of the only factories in the world that still uses circular knitting machines from the 1920s. There are beautiful knives from Laguiole En Aubrac, Bags from Filson and Bleu De Chauffe, also vintage style sunglasses from Oliver Peoples and Shoes/boots from Oakstreet Bootmakers, Redwing, Yuketan, Wolverine and PF Flyers.


I was also lucky enough to be able to try on some of my favourite garments and I can see a lot of future investments coming from this store!



Stevenson Overall's Jacket, Knickerbocker Shirt and Pants, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, Blue De Chauffe Bag and PF Flyers sneaker.



BlueBlue Japan Jacket, Merz Schwanen T-shirt, Nigel Cabourn Pants, Oliver Peoples Sunglasses, Filson bag and Oak Street Bootmakers Shoes.



Testing out the newly instore North Sea Clothing Mk2 Engineers Jumper, Which I want to buy now, thanks' Chris!