Pitti Uomo 90 - Solaro Trends



Pitti Uomo 90, my first summer edition as I headed back to my favorite city of Florence, Italy I was excited to see what everyone would wear. The summer Pitti is always full of color and the peacocks go above and beyond to stand out of the crowd, sunglasses are a must not only protecting you from the "glare" of the sun. Everyone see different trends and one that really stuck out were the various colors of Solaro unfortunately, my camera got a mark on the inner lens so I did get to focus too much on photography but luckily others did. Solaro is an amazing fabric, reflecting the sun rays away from the wearer. The original I thought was the beige and red but I was told at Pitti that in fact, a Blue was the first Solaro fabric created. (Any information on this please comment below).

Below are some of the various Solaro suits worn at Pitti Uomo 90;


Copper  Three-piece


Favourite Green 


Traditional Wool 


Traditional  in Cotton