Local Makers and Owners: Noble by Noble Underwear


“These days, you’re not born into nobility – you gain it by your choices and actions!”

-Belinda Noble, owner of Noble by Noble Underwear




Underwear may not be a "big thing" for many men out there but subconsiuously it is. It is something you don't go out of your way to express but in reality if you had uncomfortable or bad underwear you would do something about it. As people we are individuals and like what we like (most of the time), so when it comes to underwear there are things I look for; comfort, wear and cost. My comfort doesn't just start with the fabric, it has to sit right too and for me I like a shorter leg (trunk) whilst other may prefer a brief or Man leg (longer short). The wasitband must be comfortable and not loose it's elastisity and no stitched labels on the inside (annoyingly itchy). Then it comes down to cost, would I pay that amount for the product? In the end you will need to replace them regardless. So when I first came across NbyN I had my checklist and when I first tried on the underwear it ticked all of the boxes bar the leg style which of course is an easy fix. Undwear is a tough industry and it is great to see a local brand with a great product offering, so let's support our locals who do it well and grow quality back into our homes.

The latest underwear spruiked by Justin Bieber isn’t really his cup of tea, and he feels like a follower in dime-a-dozen Bonds gear. He simply wants high-quality underwear that’s comfortable, stylish and a little different to what every other guy's wearing. Combining fine cotton, a flexible fit, and an exclusive look reserved for men of class, Noble by Noble is the perfect match for this modern-day gentleman.
Just like him, our luxury underwear offers the perfect balance of romance and adventure – they’re sexy enough to wear in bed yet comfortable enough for everywhere else.  When our hero’s busy, he shops our range online; when he’s got time, he heads to his favourite store to find us on the shelves.




Noble by Noble was created by Belinda Noble – a former Qantas pilot who’s spent years jet-setting around the globe with other high-flyers. While sharing the cockpit with her male counterparts, Belinda developed a great appreciation for the world of high-end boy’s toys and gentlemen’s accessories an interest that ultimately led her to pursue an international career in fashion. Belinda went on to work for luxury fashion brands in London and Paris before coming home to Australia to embark on her next adventure…
Noble by Noble draws on Belinda’s experience living in a fast-paced man’s world, as well as her fashion expertise and passion for luxury. In naming the brand, Belinda’s taken full advantage of her last name, using it to represent her clientele – the modern nobleman.




• We offer the fit, look and feel of a luxury brand, without the crazy price tag.
• The highest quality cotton keeps you easy, breezy and comfortable all day long.
• Our products are tried and tested by men on the move – from pilots, motorcyclists and sportsmen to corporate professionals and dapper gents alike.
• You’ll never be embarrassed by your undies again – Noble by Noble is the only suitable underwear for men who know how to dress!



It starts with a young gent who works hard and plays harder. He’s principled, distinguished and charismatic. He’s a man of action – a man of his word – a man who gives his best and deserves the best right back. He is the modern nobleman.