Tailoring - Not Just Suits

“To be noticed without striving to be noticed, this is what elegance is about.” - Luciano Barbera



Photos by Jonathan Dimaggio



We are in a world where words are thrown around to manipulate the mind, for example; Tailor, Artisan, Bespoke, Handmade and Made to Measure. The true meaning or these words seem to get lost in "Chinese Whispers" but the truth is tailoring is where it all starts with garments sure there is couture but it still begins with tailoring.

Tailoring can come in many forms and be made by machine or hand it still has the same basic concepts of what is to be achieved.  When I say I love tailoring it doesn't stop at suiting, nor does it stop at a made to measure or bespoke garment/product. It involves a much greater range of styles, from suiting, workwear, streetwear, high fashion and other misc. This way I can constantly be ever evolving and learning about my own personal style. Lately, I have been learning about workwear, denim and old 1920s - 80s styles; the real test is mixing them into my wardrobe with suiting garments and other pieces I have.

In these photos, I have mixed a made to measure tweed trouser with a 1970s style short-sleeve henley top, a chore jacket and a pair of mid-cab Superga plimsolls. To create a relaxed but tailored workwear outfit.