How to perfect your grooming style


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Allow your face to become a canvas to express your style with the new Braun beard trimmer
Beard trimmers are a great tool for any man on the go, most are cordless, have multiple length guards and they are compact enough to take anywhere. Today I received the new Braun beard trimmer (BT5070), as most know I live beard season every season and some days I let my face fur get a little bit out of hand due to work commitments and my busy schedule. The new Braun beard trimmer arrived just in time as I was in need of some precision grooming. Coming from a family of barbers / hairdressers, I have high expectations for bread trimmers and the new Braun beard trimmer did not disappoint.


The hero innovation of the Braun beard trimmer is the new dial which allows you to choose from up to 25 different length settings, all the way down to 1mm, that is quite precise for an everyday beard trimmer! The over-all shape is ergonomically designed fitting nicely into your hand and is very lightweight for complete control over your facial hair grooming. My top two favourite features would easily have to be the quick charging battery and the dual battery system which keeps trimming power constant. A full charge takes one hour and gives you forty minutes of cordless power. A five-minute quick charge is enough for a quick trim; the blades have also been engineered to stay in shape their whole life.


The beard trimmer blades don’t dig into or cut your skin whilst getting a close shave, as I am sure many of you out there have done numerous times before. Other features of the Braun beard trimmer include a blade lock so you don’t accidently go too hard and push the guard too low, it is fully washable for easy cleaning under running water and the combs are designed to be stronger than ordinary combs so they don’t flex to hold your precision whilst trimming.


Overall, I really enjoyed using the Braun beard trimmer as it gave me complete control over my grooming regime. It was a great bread trimming experience as the blades glided through my coarse hair without pulling. At the end, I was left with clean lines, a close shave and a grooming product I would recommend to anyone.






Whilst I was with the head barber at QT Sydney Kris Jones, I was lucky enough to get a quick interview about using the new Bruan beard trimmer and tips on caring for your beard.


How long have you been shaping beards?

I've been barbering for a little over 15 years now; beard shaping and styling has always been a part of my profession.


What are your top 3 tips for caring for your beard?

• For maintaining and caring for your beard, first of all, I would recommend getting yourself a good skin care routine, to include a cleanser, a light face scrub, and a good quality moisturiser.

• It's so important to keep your beard tangle free by using a wide tooth comb once to twice a day to get rid of any unwanted knots or debris that you may have picked up during the day.

• During the first few weeks of beard growth moisturisers will be enough to keep it looking and feeling strong, when your beard starts to get a little longer find a good quality beard oil to keep it looking healthy and ready for the day ahead.


How did you find working with the Braun beard trimmer?

The Braun trimmer is really easy to use, it's a good weight for a handheld clipper and is comfortable in the palm of your hand.

The two attachments are effortlessly interchangeable depending on your individual needs, and 25 different settings are easy to use and are locked into place with the flick of a button.


What is your favourite feature of the Braun beard trimmer?

My favourite feature of the Braun trimmer is the small detailer blade which is extended from the top of the clipper to give precision when sharpening up your moustache and beard.


What’s your advice on trimming your beard for the first time at home?

When growing your beard for the first time, it's important not to undo your good work by going straight in with a heavy-handed trimming session. Check the settings on your Braun bread trimmer, then check them again, it’s better to start by taking a little off at a time than going straight in.