Local Makers and Owners: Alice Made this.

Alice Made This was founded with a clear and precise intention: to refine industry. We use British industrial engineering methods to create clean and honest accessories.


Founders Ed and Alice, whom I met at Pitti Uomo 89.

I started doing a series of blogs on young local makers but the more I travel, the more local owners/makers I meet. I also think that just writing about local Melbourne or Australian brands will end a little prematurely. So onward to a more worldly series continuing on a new path with British brand Alice Made This.

Alice Made This was founded to design clean and renewed objects of desire, with cufflinks as their foundation. Inspired by architecture and geometry, a passion and respect for British factories lie at the core. Whether it’s our Aerospace part manufacturer or our Military armory, they have close relationships with all their factories and design honest products stemming directly from their expert techniques.

Products are genuinely driven by the human elements and processes behind industrial manufacturing, machines, and materials in Britain. This approach has seen them expand from cufflinks to a full collection of British made accessories.Their objective remains the same: innovative designs using British factories and redefine the industry.



Military Hardware and Military Tailoring. The Military Hardware manufacturing process led to a change in the customary Alice Made This cufflink's; for the first time, a chain link was designed, instead of a solid stem.



For inspiration, we have paired our copper, gold and rhodium shirt studs with some precise, coordinating pieces in complementary metals. Whether you choose to wear your studs with a clean pair of cufflinks or a geometric cuff bracelet, our shirt studs can be easily fed through the stud holes in your dress shirt for an honest and polished detail.



Formula One ceramic cufflink's, we paired our white, geometric pieces with some of the raw materials and highly engineered parts that they stemmed from.



Precision milling is also used for two bracelet designs – the double wrap Edwin, and the single wrap Ernest. Unlike the Lloyd pieces, these are solid brass plated with either copper, gold or silver at the Nanotechnology factory. The straps of dyed vegetable tanned leather contrast with the high polish finished metal.