How to wear a Henley Shirt

"I showed this fellow underwear—a three-button long-sleeve shirt by Johnstown Knitting Mills. He said, 'This is a new shirt.' That's where he got the idea for the Henley shirt." - Ralph Lauren


Photos by Jonathan Dimaggio

They were named so because this particular style of shirt was the traditional uniform of rowers in the English town of Henley-on-Thames. The Henley shirt itself is a mix between a polo shirt and a tee shirt or essentially a collarless polo top made out of woven or jersey cotton instead of pique cotton.

For me the Henley was a great alternative to a t-shirt and not because I am sick of wearing tee's but more the fact that some plain styled tee's have a dropped neckline which it's my cup of tea. There are some which have a higher neckline for example Uniqlo, which have sort and long sleeve. When it come to long sleeve crew neck shirt my desire is more towards the detailing of a Henley plus is gives a great 1920s/50s work-wear vibe and adds some character.



So how do we wear a Henley shirt? Easy, wear it like a t-shirt. You will find some short sleeve Henley's around and if you want to sprezz it up a bit, open the collar and wear a neckerchief.