Do a little bit to keep you fit, with Fitbit!

A fitness watch that’s as stylish as it is smart.

Here's the secret we all have a maintenance calorie zone, if you go above you gain, below and you lose, stay on target and you will maintain. The is the basic outline of weight game. But it is no secret that most of us don't know what our maintenance calories are, so here is were Fitbit can help you along the way to staying on track and find your sweet spot.

Most people now days know about Fitbit's and for those who don't; Fitbit was invented to help you track your heart rate and the steps you took through-out the day. Knowing this can help you burn calories and also boost your cardio attributes.  Just recently Fitbit released their new Blaze watch with a more social and user friendly apps for the everyday person.





Another great product is their Aria scale, a digital weight scale that links to your Fitbit watch or device through WiFi. The Aria scale not only measures weight but also Body Mass Index (BMI), Fat percentage and water percentage. The scale then connects to your laptop or notepad to show you progress charts and even help coach your fitness.