VAMFF XX 2016 - Opening Runway - David Jones


My outfit for Day 1 of VAMFF, kept it classic with this Oscar Hunt Tailors number.

Photo by Colin Gold, The Trend Spotter

This year I didn't get to just walk around the corner from my apartment and stubble into the VAMFF this year. Instead, they decided to move it to a new location, the Royal Melbourne Exhibition Centre and Museum Precinct. Personal thoughts apart from the extra travel were "Great venue and definitely worth it", there was more space for extra tents and interactions for everyone from Samsung's virtual experience to make up by Priceline (None needed here of course). The only downside to the new venue was the heat and as Melbourne decided to continue summer into autumn it got hot, 40c on day 2 in fact. Being a heritage listed building the Royal Exhibition Centre has no air-conditioning and with hundreds of people and lots of lighting, equals a fanning fury instead of a Mexican wave.

Day 1 of VAMFF was the David Jones runway, there was less entertainment in the show like years before but with the size of the brands available and the heat I was quite happy to watch the 50m speed walk to the finish. Below are some of the menswear looks David Jones has to offer as showcased in the opening runway for VAMFF.


Great to see flat caps, bomber jackets and denim on the runway!








Vans seemed to be a staple for men from General Pants.






Shades Blue and Beige the goto colours with more smart casual looks.


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