VAMFF Day 2, Runway 2 & 3


Shot by Vincent from Your

Day 2 of the VAMFF was a sauna with announcements that the show had to be restyled and if you felt dizzy to call a VAMFF volunteer. Yes, us Melbournian's alway talk about the weather a lot but even though we live here it still shocks us when it's an unexpected 40c in Autumn. Runway 2 for Elle and Runway 3 for Instyle magazine were dominated by womenswear and I get asked "why are you here?" my answer is simple the women do it better here in Australia and it is not even a strictly female orientated event. But why do they do it better? Well, the pattern and colour matching is usually spot on with the odd out-there outfit plus not only do the women look beautiful but the garments do too!
This is a menswear hub so I won't be posting any photos but if you would like to see Runway 2 for Elle Magazine  click this link!
And click this link to see Runway 3 for Instyle Magazine.
Now we have that out of the way, here are some photo's of my outfit; I was inspired by an Italian summer mixed with traditional Japanese and workwear denim elements.

Photography by Colin Gold, The Trend


 Featured in Vogue Australia Online, shot by The Street