Uniqlo X Lemaire Collection 2016

UNIQLO and LEMAIRE offers the ideal wardrobe that consists of flexible and versatile pieces you can wear every day. The collection fulfills the need for light, summer attire that you forget about once slipped on.



Christophe Lemaire the man behind Lemaire, is known for its classic sized shirts, loose-fit trousers, and drapey outerwear in solid hues that all add up to a simple modern uniform, that looks totally classic and effortlessly.

Inspired by 1960s vacations in the south of France, the collection is based on the kind of menswear staples that stylish guys have turned to for over 50 years, including slim-fit polos, cardigans, vertically striped shirts, lightweight windbreakers, and even a pair of totally vacation-ready white trousers.





The garments combine simple and relaxed lines with functional details inspired by sportswear. Clean silhouettes, consistently generous volumes and spacious, numerous pockets are conceived to free up your hands and ease your movements regardless of where you may find yourself.

Ginger, mahogany, honey, blue-green and ash grey and other half-tones seemingly faded by years from the summer sun, are worn with deep blacks and luminous whites.




I walked into Emporium's Uniqlo store in Melbourne and accidently came across this collection, I really love the simple colours and the clean garments. All seem to be easily paired together or with other wardrobes essentials.