Tailored Streetwear

"Looking good isn't self-importance; it's self-respect."
—Charles Hix



This week my first article for Acclaim Magazine went up, it is mainly focused on mixing tailoring and streetwear to become "Tailored Streetwear", it gives the idea that mixing different styles is possible.

In fashion, it’s inevitable that once mutually exclusive styles would end up getting mixed together. These days, nothing is sacred (or safe) from fashion. And while there are a lot of these new concepts that may still need a minute to gain acceptance, there’s definitely one example of sartorial juxtaposition that works for us. Streetwear is already seeing a change of guard when it comes to style and design, including hints of traditional workwear and the classic lines of tailoring or tailored garments, elevating streetwear from what you knew of it in the early ’00s to a much more age-appropriate aesthetic. After all, you can’t be expected to wear your logo print t-shirts and colour-blocked sneakers forever. But if you’re still a little hesitant about how to update your wardrobe, here are a few ways to ease into the tailoring game.

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