Rule Breaker Style: Black and Brown

So many rules that just need to go out the window, now I love to break the rules and I think they can be broken to a degree. Style shouldn’t have rules as fashion has no rules. One old rule that came to mind was “Never wear black with blue or brown”.

A good way to break this rule is to do it just enough to notice but not overpower the look with the black, so in other words, turning the colours in the saying backwards; using brown or blue as your main colour with black as your accessory colour or highlights.

During VAMFF 2016 recently I took this rule breaker to the GQ runway as I thought it would be the most appropriate to showcase what rules not to be scared of with style. Character is individual, rules are uniform and were are not robots.

Below are some photos that were taken from the GQ runway of my outfit which consisted of a heavy linen sports jacket, light oxford shirt and high twist s110 wool trouser from Oscar Hunt Tailors. A vintage tie from Tino Cosma and pochette from Ascot. Penny loafer from Santoni and a to be released tote bag from Tailfeather.



Photo by Vince, Your Ensemble.

Photo by Street Smith for GQ Magazine




Photo from The Cocktail Revolution


Photo by Colin Gold, The Trend Spotter


Photo by Street Smith for GQ Magazine