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Grooming Products To Keep An Eye On.

I'm not that involved in personal grooming. But I try not to be offensive to people.

-Viggo Mortensen

There are many new products every week, especially in men's grooming nowadays. Hair pomades, Beard Oils, Moisturisers and Shampoos. So much so that it can get confusing what is actually a good product and what is just the same as the last but different packaging, easiest way to find out is ready the ingredients and you will find that most are a generic base formula with a different fragrance and/or blend mixture. I have tried a lot, growing up with family in the grooming industry they turn up in-house all the time and there's no secret I get given samples of products (remembering they are never free, especially if they are good!). Over the last few months, I have been using some products which I have enjoyed and like a lot, some for different reasons to other people that have used them but like life everyone needs something different to the next that will work for them.



Tough Guy Water Wax by Fat Boy

I am a massive pomade snob and I blame all the generic stuff out on the market right now, it's over the top. I don't want glue for my hair, I want a water soluble product that holds and isn't too shiny, personally. The TG water wax does just that, it's light and easily applies, does glued your hair together so you can't run a comb through it either saving many from slow baldness.



Original Beard Wash by The Bearded Chap

A huge part of keeping your facial mop tamed and soft is nourishing it with the right ingredients. There aren't too many beard shampoos out there that don't dry out the hair, for most of my early bearded years I used Head and Shoulders shampoo. Original beard wash is 100% natural and leaves your beard soft and healthy whilst cleaning out the dirt and food scraps.



Facial Moisturiser by Handsome

They say to keep your youth using moisturisers and vitamin enriched creams on your face will slow down the years. In my opinion not smiling helps a lot with stopping the "crow's feet" wrinkles around the eyes but anyway a good cream can help the skin glow and look youthful. Unfortunate for me I was badly burnt as a kid and creams don't stay in my skin, giving me an oily look after a few hours. But this moisturiser has definitely been the best in its absorbency, lightness and ingredients. Therefore, I use it around my eye area, as that seems to be the only area that will absorb.



Soothe & Smooth by PC4Men

We all work hard and get dirty and it clogs up our pores. Toners are great for cleaning the dirt out and removing other impurities but some are quite harsh. They harsh ones can dry your skin out or burn, most old day remedies use to use witch hazel but now-days some brands are creating great toners that work amazingly to clean, soothe and smooth out your skin. I use PC4Men's Soothe & Smooth after a shower as your pores are open due to the hot water, the toner cleans out the dirt and soothes the skin closing the pores quickly not to clog back up.