GoSend, the easy way to buy online.

Recently I  came across an online company called GoSend. They were talking about advantages of shopping in the US and realized how much Australian consumers are getting screwed over by US retailers upping the cost of goods online. They not only change prices but also cut down their product catalogs significantly to shoppers outside the US. Plus, we miss out on all their huge sales and deals going on at their stores that U.S. shoppers have access to all the time.




GoSend.com allowed me to shop at some of my favorite online stores as if I was in America regardless of having an international online store or shipping. I got access to all specials and sales at U.S. retailers that are not available to us in Australia through their GoShop page where GoSend highlights top deals and specials going on in the US every week at hundreds of U.S. retailers. I was also able to shop the full catalog of goods offered by every U.S. retailer with the cheapest pricing on goods available.

Below is a break-down on how GoSend works and what they offer;
- Memberships: First they offer 2 membership services -- a free version and a $10 per month version which offers you extra big discounts and shipping costs that they extend us.
- The way GoSend works is they give you a U.S. shipping address so when you go to checkout at any U.S. store you must enter this address as though it were your shipping address. Being that they are also in the state of Delaware there is no U.S. sales tax on any products the retailers ship to their warehouse.

- ShopAssist: For my own order I used GoSend’s ShopAssist service, which is their personal shopping option. Just by entering the URL and information about the item I wanted to buy, I was able to pay GoSend for the product rather than the retailer and they shopped for it on my behalf. This is a great tool to use at retailers that don’t take foreign credit cards or for people who don’t want to bother with the purchasing process.

Once my order arrived at my GoSend Locker address, I got an email from them with photos of every product I bought so I could make sure everything I ordered was correct and undamaged. GoSend can consolidate my many purchases into one box, which saved me tons on shipping costs, especially when compared to what it would have been if I had shopped from the retailer directly.

-Customs: On a couple products, I still had to pay import duty and tax when my package arrived at Customs. But compared to the retail cost of similar products in Australia, the savings on buying in the U.S. and shipping through GoSend rather than through the retailer directly plus just being able to shop at hundreds of top U.S. retailers without hassle, made it worth it.

As a special, all my readers will get a 3-month free VIP GoSend membership when they enter voucher code POORMANSMILLIONS during sign up.

Here is an outfit I put together from purchases I made via GoSend, through stores like Johnston & Murphy, Urban-Outfitters and London Fog.


Photography by Jacob Medina






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