Eco-Friendly Grooming Products

Being green and using eco-friendly grooming products doesn’t mean you have to trade in your quality grooming products for homemade beard oils and mud masks from your backyard. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve assembled our must-have list of brands and products that have taken the green initiative so you (and your conscience) can stay clean:



  • Beardbrand Blank Slate Wash & Softener Kit: The wash has a very gentle lather that is soft enough for your face and tough enough to handle curly coarse beard hairs. The softener, like the beard wash, is a silicone free product that won't build up over time. Recommend to apply the beard wash once or twice a week, but you can use it daily if you are in environments where your beard gets dirty regularly. RRP$39.99.





  • mi-me Ultimo Facial Toner: Designed specifically for a man, this toner tightens pores, balances oil complexion, soothes skin and reduces redness caused by eczema, razor bumps, acne, psoriasis. RRP$13.


  • mi-me Ultimo Beard Oil: Subtle, yet potent blend of luxurious oils to condition, soften, tame, hydrate and lengthen your beard. RRP$25.


  • Mayron’s Goods Junk Stuff: A tremendous moisture barrier cream that heals and soothes chafing, dryness, and irritation down there and everywhere. RRP$30.


  • Mayron’s Goods Man Oil: A roll on beard oil that soothes irritation of the skin, hydrates and softens skin and prepares for a smooth close shave. RRP$55.


  • PLANT RICE & CLEAN Gentle Facial Cleanser: Features star ingredient of rice bran to both soften skin and protect it from UV light damage. Here it joins forces with soothing, antibacterial chamomile to make a gentle cleanser for all skin types. RRP$24.