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The Linen Summer Jacket

It's really never fair to judge people because none of us know what's going on inside anyone else's head.
-Tom Ford



Photos by Karen Woo at The Dress Collective VAMFF Runway.

I started with this quote today because we should never assume why someone is dressing the way they do nor judge them on it, STYLE is personal and differs from person to person.


The linen summer jacket; some don't like the wrinkles of linen they want their jackets to be flawless. But why? Why should something look like it has never been worn every time you wear it? Do we want people to think we just bought it? or that it is expensive?

Linen has many great properties for summer, the flax allows for a strong open weave for air flow and even though when new it may feel a little on the stiff side, linen softens. Like denim when the indigo runs it leaves individual character, the lines of many summers, parties, dates and dinners.

But for those still with the doubt and the read about "double-edged sword complex" of the linen jacket whilst in a room with the air conditioning turned up. Most wear t-shirts in summer or even singlets (vest, tanks etc) don't you think you will be equally cold in the air-conditioned room also? and unknown to sum, linen comes in many different weights both light and heavy.



Duck face? quack quack


The linen summer jacket is not "sprezz", it's lived in, it's worn and it's marked with the lines of your ID. It's not to be scared nor cared, just worn well in summer!