Dior Homme Fragrance History

Pitti Uomo 89 - Day 3. Umbrellas



Pitti Uomo 89 day 3 started and ended with rain. Before heading to the Fortezza, I had a few buying meetings to attend to and once they were done I headed to the expo. For those whom already follow APMM, you would have seen I own a Fulton "Huntsman" and a Pasotti umbrella but I had a hurdle on due to Australian flight rules I had to check my umbrella in or put it in my luggage (neither which were possible for me, this trip). Luckily my Florentine apartment owner Francesco had a folding umbrella there for me to use and choose an acceptable cover (paisley).

Due to day 3 of Pitti Uomo being a non-stop shower the accessory of choice was an umbrella. Not like my little cheap folding umbrella most gent's stuck with the quality lasts longer rule with most sporting Pasotti, Talarico, London Undercover and Maglia Francesco.