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Men's Health, Diet or Lifestyle?



This is a subject I have always wanted to share but I didn't want to give a half-arsed write-up and reasoning. I grew up in the 1980s so there were a lot of outdoor activities like riding bikes, trampolines, swings, kicking the football and playing basketball. Video games were around but I guess they weren't as hi-tech so we didn't get sucked in as much as we do today. As a kid, I was never overweight or big and I played sports so my fitness level was good, but slowly over the years, well I should say my "party year" I stopped playing sports and went out to bars and clubs with friends every weekend or whenever possible.

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63kgs (2010), 75kgs (2015), 84kgs (2008)

By the age of 26, I decided to stop partying so much and get back to being focused on a hobby, I already was going to the gym and bulked up quite a lot ( 5'8 and 84kgs) but I didn't like being big so I turned back to martial arts, something I had done in the past and quite enjoyed. My art of choice was Muay Thai, being at 84kgs meant if or when I did fight the calibre of opponent was very tall and had a long reach compared to mine, all I could do is lose the weight to lower my class. A lot of things happened in between but spearheading to after I got back from Germany I went back into Muay Thai training but properly this time and had a trainer, so things became very strict as I was fighting and in a weight-class (63kgs). Yes, I dropped all the way down from 84kgs to 63kgs within 2 years but in doing so, I was training twice a day for 6 days a week.



Weight-loss diet of multiple meals to speed up your metabolism.

Now that my little quick history is out of the way, here is my point. How was it possible to get to this weight? was it diet or lifestyle?

The meaning of "diet" is a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.  The main word there is "restricts" which means to put a limit or deprive.

Personally, I'm not a fan of restricting or depriving myself of anything and I don't think we have to. Being a little bit smarter about decisions in our lifestyles is what we need, for example, if you don't satiate your appetite then you will want to eat again and that is when binging comes into it. Just like with style we can't just follow what someone else is doing and think that it will work for us either as we are not them, we need to find what works for us.


IF meal 60% macros to satiate your body.

Nowaday's I don't fight anymore and working long days I started to get lazy and stressed which in turn made me put on a lot of weight (back up to 75kgs). I needed to find a way to lose the weight without getting back into my fighting lifestyle and with a bit of research, I found "intermittent fasting". Once I tweaked it to work for me, I lost a lot of weight with ease (and fat) and put some muscle back on (68/9kgs currently). The best part about IF is that I eat all the fun foods like pasta, potatoes, chocolate, ice-cream and cake; plus I don't starve myself.

I will touch some more on the IF lifestyle and one particular gentleman who showed me how to do it Kinobody's Greg O'Gallagher .



Kinobody's Greg O'Gallagher