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Pitti Uomo 89 Outfit Day 2

140A9420Sponsored by ASUS Australia, Photos by Jamie Ferguson


Pitti Uomo 89 Day 2; was HOT, I mean like Spring hot not European summer hot. There was no way I was wearing an overcoat this day and by 2 pm, I was wishing I had a hat on because my face was having a dance party. But alas it was still winter and when the sun subsided it would get cold, very cold. So today's outfit some may have seen before or more so a variation of it. The main purpose behind this outfit was utilizing the different winter weight fabrics but also introduce a nice colour pop without being too over the top peacock, which isn't my style!

There are four different fabrics used in this outfit and if we get technical five. For the jacket, I went for a half-lined flannel with the sun beaming down I wanted to have more airflow. Underneath a Merino wool roll-neck and barleycorn tweed pants, the barleycorn tweed although an open-weave still holds the heat and living in Melbourne they are unlined as it doesn't get as cold as Europe does. The scarf is a wool/cotton blend and the shoes, full leather but predominantly suede. I always have a big liking to natural fibres for their warmth and breath abilities in all climates.










Jacket by Scotch & Soda

Roll-Neck by Hermen Menswear

Scarf by George Lansen

Pants by Lane 45

Sunglasses by OBLYK

Shoes & Pocket square by Christian Kimber