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Living the Life with Dyson

When you live at home, in most cases there are certain jobs you don't have to do or you just worm your way out of it.  But alas we all get older move-out and then have to fend for ourselves and of course, clean, clean everything! For me personally being busy makes certain things hard or more so just a less priority on my list of "things to do" but these still need to be done. Buying quality products that last should be a rule of thumb across the board not just in your wardrobe, so when it comes to the jobs that suck the most (vacuuming) I want to do it quickly and with ease. Enter the Dyson V6 Absolute a vacuum that is  lightweight cleans carpets to hard floors, the floor to the ceiling and transforms to a handheld for everything in between like stress. The technology behind this little weapon is amazing and the power it produces spinning at 110,000rpm sucks up to 15 liters of air a second, generating higher suction than any other cordless vacuum and runs five times faster than an F1 car. The unit itself can be interchanged with it's other fixtures with a click of a button and being cordless it is easy to navigate around your home with the 20 minutes of charge.

So who's ready for Christmas with a Dyson?