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Interview by Divo



Stylish suits and tattoos. We are talking about Jared Acquaro, an Australian-based stylist and blogger with a huge passion for tailoring and style. We asked him some questions about fashion:

What means for you apoormansmillions.com?

A Poor Man’s Millions is a blog about looking the millions without having the bank account. This had not so much to do with money but what would be worth more to someone that didn’t have a lot of money and that is knowledge.

How has this project changed your life?

It’s brought a lot of passion and focus to my life which makes working more enjoyable. It has also opened new doors to many opportunities which weren’t around before.

How did you fall in love with fashion?

Fashion has always caught my eye but it wasn’t until I learnt about style, which really grasped onto my curiosity, then it turned into a passion the more I learnt.

Style is a form of self-identity. What are the characters that define your style identity?

I always respect the classic traditions of tailoring and the purpose behind it. So even though I have a modern style it still holds onto those classic roots.

Do you have a fashion obsession?

Tailoring is my biggest obsession and it’s not just in the form of suits. Tailoring is the base of all garment that are created.

Which item a really gentleman will never wear?

Any kind of running shoe with a suit, a clean simple sneaker is different.

What do you love more about Italian style?

The unforced, natural elegance and flair. It’s very relaxed and effortless.

What’s your favourite fashion quote?

This isn’t a fashion quote but I think it has just as much relevance;
“You cannot teach a human being ANYTHING. You can only help him develop it in HIMSELF” - Galileo

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