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The New Kingsman Collection

"The gentleman spy is a character of pure fantasy. Smooth, suave, sophisticated, he represents everything we wish we could be. The women we lust after, he effortlessly seduces. The cars we can only dream of driving, he drives with indifference. We long to order drinks like him. To play chemin de fer like him (let alone know the rules of the game). But, alas, our fantasies are just that: fantasies. Without access to a Savile Row tailor and a Jermyn Street shirtmaker, we can’t even dress like him."

This secret-agent fantasy came a step closer to reality last year when MR PORTER launched Kingsman, an exclusive menswear line inspired by the subversive, stylish spy movie of the same name. This was far more than your average movie tie-in. It was the first time a costume wardrobe had made the leap from the big screen into your closet. And these were no cheap imitations, but proper British clothes. That navy double-breasted pinstripe suit? You can buy that, fully canvassed and made in England to the same specifications as the one worn by Mr Colin Firth. His sunglasses? Those, too, designed in England by Cutler and Gross and made by hand in Italy. In fact, every single thing worn by the Kingsman agents – every suit, shoe, hat, sweater and tie – could be purchased on MR PORTER.