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Just Jeans and Denim


I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes.
Yves Saint Laurent


The Canadian suit, double denim, Texan tuxedo...Just a handful of the hundreds of nicknames associated with wearing both jeans and a denim jacket or shirt.Most denim devotees can pull it off, and it must be mentioned, do so very well, by simply using different shades of indigo (or more worn in pieces) against newer/more vibrant washes. This self-assured look can be easily achieved by the novice denim wearer by mixing dramatically different colours of denim together eg: black jeans and an indigo jacket.For those of you who have already conquered this important first step, the next move would be mixing a variety of different washes in the same colour, For the more advanced? Try mixing different weights and textures.



This is my version of double denim. As you can see, I've mixed a ridged and raw jean with an enzyme washed shirt.The rigid jeans are not as vibrant as the shirt and it's this tonal difference that separates the two items I'm wearing. These two items are broken up with my contrasting donkey coloured polo shirt and suede sneakers.





So there you have it double denim done and dusted if you would like to know more leave a comment below.




Shirt by Sartoria Rossi

Polo by Uniqlo

Jeans by Oscar Hunt Tailors

Sneakers by Axel Arigato

Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson