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Classic Fashion - Thomas Farthing London

" Timeless, Definitive Style"



Opened in 2012, Thomas Farthing has rapidly established itself as a shop of resounding quality and impeccable taste of classic fashion, quickly garnering up a reputation as one of London’s best kept secrets. Based in the heart of London’s historic Bloomsbury, just a stone’'s throw from the iconic British Museum, the shop is a step back in time, offering customers a shopping experience where they can get lost amongst vintage d├ęcor, 1930’s music and our fine selection of garments. Thomas Farthing believes that fashion transcends time and that by taking influence from British fashion's respected heritage we aim to show that styles and looks from bygone eras can be made relevant in today’s fashion conscious society.

Offering customers, a unique shopping experience, the timeless and distinctly classic fashion for both men and women, our onus is on providing quality garments, from Tweed jackets to silk bow ties, which complement any wardrobe. Thomas Farthing is a shopping experience that awakens all the senses.