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Grooming your beard with Percy Nobleman

"Percy Nobleman, the brand of a young and conscientious entrepreneur looking to follow in the Nobleman family footsteps of crafting the finest natural hair, beard and moustache products."



Adventurous at heart, Percy’s products have found themselves in the homes of thousands of men around the world. They are part of the staple “keep it well groomed” diet of the young, sophisticated and well-mannered. Percy typifies theEnglish gent, waking early to prepare himself for the day ahead.


Beard Balm

When the parcel arrived on my desk I was excited to explore the contents. Delicate layers of tissue paper revealed generously portioned bottles of beard shampoo, oils and balm. Percy Noblemen create a range of natural oil based waxes and scents and not only do they feel great on the skin, they smell fantastic too.



 Conditioning Oil

My first impression was a positive one – unlike other tear dropper dispensed beard oils, this English brand packages theirs inside a pump action bottle, allowing for perfect distribution. The only downside for me was that the product was a lot firmer than some other balms I've tried, although that’s not to say that it didn’t nourish the skin once it was all blended in. By far my favourite product in the Noblemen range is the beard shampoo - it lathers like a dream, smells good and once again, has that perfect pump action dispenser. My beard feels soft and silky after I use it in the shower.


Beard Shampoo