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Today I Am

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Suit, Shirt & Pochette by MJ Bale



Jacket & Pants by Ralph Lauren, Polo by Hugo Boss (all available at David Jones)

It has taken me a long time and several different guises to find my own look, and I'm often asked for advice on how you can find yours too. I've explored several different methods within this blog over the past few years, and can't stress enough the importance of following your own individual tastes, getting inspired by your surroundings and working new items of clothing in with your existing wardrobe. Personal style is all about putting your own unique spin on things.  

Despite the constant evolution of fashion, I generally stick with a pretty classic look. I know my proportions, I understand the cuts that suit my body shape, which colour schemes work with my complexion and the different patterns that I like - but I didn't always dress this way. 


Suit, Shirt & Pochette by MJ Bale


Jacket & Pants by Ralph Lauren, Polo by Hugo Boss (available at David Jones)

When I was younger I would blindly follow trends without even thinking twice. I didn't stop to consider whether something suited me or even if I really liked it. I'd simply go out and find whatever was "cool" at the time and buy it. But then I started touring around Australia with a couple of bands and started picking up on small differences in style around the country. I noticed live music punters taking band merch and ripping the sleeves off, or cutting down the sides to create something completely different. It really resonated with me and I began to suss out what I really liked.

Suit, Shirt & Pochette by MJ Bale


Pants by Ralph Lauren (available at David Jones)

I think that discovering who you are and being comfortable with yourself will make your style shine through more effortlessly, and although I've gone from a uniform of band merch and jeans through to wearing more tailored outfits, that doesn't necessarily mean that I won't ever wear a t-shirt again, only now I wear it in a different way. 


Today I am Jared Acquaro, this is my style and the way that I like to dress. Whether it be in a suit or more casually in a jacket, polo and chinos, I always walk out of my front door feeling confident and comfortable.

Thanks to Westfield and the #TodayIAm campaign, I'd like to know more about you. What's your style and who or what inspires you?


Join in and comment below, starting with, "Today I am..."

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