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Turning Colour into Style

Every form is a base for color, every color is the attribute of a form
- Victor Vasarely

Colour is a big part of everyone's style. I've touched on the topic before, so this time around I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is and illustrate how I put colour matching into practise. 

This is something I think everyone can try and it'll really help you discover your own personal look. The first thing I do is choose a photo, picture or painting, something that catches my eye - It could be a beautiful picture of scenery, a garden, magazine clipping, anything really. The next step is to figure out which colours are involved. Let's use the above image as a reference point..

Photos by Zoli Dinh

The colours I can see are brown, green, beige and bone (off white). They're easily identified and work well together. You can then take the colours from your chosen image to experiment with your wardrobe and create multiple outfits. 

Some combinations could include a brown jacket, white shirt, green pants and beige shoes, or you could mix it up with a white jacket, brown shirt, beige pants and green shoes. Four colours x four items = sixteen different combinations. 

Can you do sixteen combinations with these colours? 

You can see here that I've put together an outfit using these same colours; with a beige jacket, green seersucker shirt, bone chinos, brown sunglasses and loafers. Combining shades isn't as hard as it sounds.

Jacket by Denham
Shirt by Mazzarelli
Chinos by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Sunglasses by Persol
Loafers by Meermin