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The Easy Way to Buy Shoes

Shoes make an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants, but you add those shoes - done
- Russell Westbrook

Shoes are very personal, they can make a statement or put the finishing touches on an outfit. Because we wear them just as much as we do underwear, shoes should be cleaned and taken care of properly. The beauty of footwear is that if you invest in quality, they will last you a lot longer than your undergarments. 

The only thing we should think about when buying shoes is making sure to invest in quality. Well, constructed shoes aren't cheap, but should last you 10+ years if you look after them correctly. 

I know that some of you will be reading this and thinking that you can't afford to spend $400-$500, but I have the solution to your problems so you can wipe those thoughts away. It's Paul Evans NY shoes.  Most of us forget about lay-by or layaway whilst shopping, mainly because we want the product immediately, but Paul Evans NY have come up with a novel idea for their online sales.The company wanted to cut the middle man out of retail and sell quality products (they use a family-owned artisan shoemaker in Naples, Italy) at an affordable price. Sound great, right? 

Not only do they make a great selection of shoes, Paul Evans NY gives their customers the option of financing the new shoes with a payment plan. You still get your shoes within 2 weeks of ordering (if buying internationally), but you get time to pay them off, making the sale more affordable instead of paying one large lump-sum payment.

Here I am wearing a very comfortable pair of their Belgian loafers in polo suede called the Van Damme. 

Jacket by Oscar Hunt Tailors
Polo by Sportscraft
Pants by Boglioli
Pochette by Breuer
Sunglasses by Bailey Nelson
Loafers by Paul Evans NY