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Men HATE Shopping or Do They?

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society
Mark Twain

Photos by Chris Hacker

Everyone knows men hate shopping but is this just a myth? 

Personally I love shopping and I know other guys who also love shopping, so before you go on to say something gender-related, let's take a look why we think men hate it so much. 

Obviously I can only talk about my personal experience, although throughout my experience of working in high-end retail, I've gotten to hear the opinions of hundreds of guys and these are some of the things I've been told over the years: We don't like trying things on, nor looking around a shop and asking for assistance, nothing fits the way I want it too, I don't know my size and I don't know what I want. 

Men seem to not like trying things on mainly because of the last statement - they don't actually know what they want. Some may even say, "my partner wants me to upgrade my wardrobe" and that's why they've decided to go shopping. To keep their partner happy they'll go out, walk around the shops buy a few things that they'll never end up wearing. I think that knowing what you're after is the key to success before you even step out of the front door.

Nothing fits comes under the heading of knowing how something SHOULD fit you. 

If you wear casual bomber jackets and then go to buy a blazer or sports jacket, it's not going to have the same feeling, but if you don't try then you'll probably never know either.

Not knowing your size is probably not true, you do know your size, although that doesn't necessarily mean that a size 32" pant from one brand will be the same as another. I agree with "I don't know my size" if it's something that I haven't tried on before, but if I'm a 32" waist in pants from a particular brand that's at least a good starting point to go from.

Another thing I can agree with most men is not wanting to ask for assistance and this is because of trust. Is this assistant just saying I look good to make the sale? Is it really for me? It's a lot to consider even if you've built up a great rapport with the sales assistant, and once again knowing what you like and are after will make your life a hundred times easier. 

Window Shopping is also a great option if you find it hard to make decisions. The entire process is obligation free, you get to know what's around and if you can't find what you're after I suggest thinking back to what you have already and then imagining what new items would work back with your existing wardrobe.

Jacket by Farage

Shirt by Mazzarelli
Tie by Otto Marchesi
Pochette by Christian Kimber
Pants from Ebay
Shoes by Santoni