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APMM Menswear Icon - Nicola Ricci

Nature, in its continuous flux, is a never-ending source of new ideas and inputs. Moreover, I draw inspiration from books, Their lives and imagined, Often from the gazes of men and women living with passion
- Nicola Ricci







I know that I've said it a lot in the past, but I don't really have any style "icons". Of course, there are people that I admire and follow on social media, and I decided to use this post to pay homage to one of the men who's motivated me to learn about style, even though I usually find myself influenced by colour and pattern over particular items of clothing.

When I was starting to write this post it was really hard to decide if I should go in order from top to bottom, or just post by random - It was difficult figuring out who I'd actually put at the top of my list, who's had the biggest influence on my education? I thought about this for awhile and one question came to mind, "who is the first person I think of if I want to see colours and patterns?" And the answer to that question is Nicola Ricci. 

Nicola and his brother Valentino own Sciamat and together they make some amazing bespoke garments. One day I would love to be able to commission something from them but for now all I can do is admire from a distance. There are many reasons why I choose Nicola, like me, he looks to nature for colour inspiration, we share similar tonal features and I'm pretty sure we are around the same height. 

So we have some things in common and both follow our own paths of style. Although I look to Nicola for the inspiration, I don't just go out and follow what he's wearing blindly.






Nicola's style is pretty classic with an eccentric twist and he never looks over the top. I've read that his icons whilst growing up were Gianni Agnelli, from whom he gets his classic style inspiration, and the eccentric flair of the Duke of Windsor. Nicola has created his own distinct look but by from all accounts is too humble to share his wardrobe advice with others. Personally I think he gives out advice without even knowing, I know I wouldn't have learnt half of what I know without looking at his closet for inspiration. 

Nicola Ricci, hat's off to you and Molto Grazie!